Friday, September 13, 2013

"Safe" radiation free milk in Japan

I always check labels on my food. Here is a brand of milk that is from Shikoku. It's sold in most major grocery stores. It's also at Nisshin and National Azabu supermarkets (if you live in the Minatoku area).

Educational Fair at Big Site, free. Today!!

I'm here at Big Site, West Hall 4. There is a huge educational fair here, free entrance. Every major children/maternity geared company is here with booths displaying products. Kids can play for free with the latest new kiddie toys and games. Free. Hours of fun! Loads of workshops too (usually 500 yen/workshop)

9/14-15 10:00-17:00

Big Site
West Hall 4

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Strange face-time calls from an email address

So, yesterday, I had my phone in my bag and noticed this sound like it was recording. I picked it up to see that it was on Facetime, with some random hotmail email address. I quickly hung up. Then this morning at 2AM (!!!???), I get another random Facetime call from a London? telephone number.

My husband and I used a calling card and dialed the number. Some guy answered. He only said, "hello", so I couldn't tell what type of accent he had, but his native language was not English.

Anyways, I thought I would post this to see if there is anyone else out there getting the same type calls and what this is.

Cooking dinner for 7 kids, ages 0-6

So, my daughter decided to have her friend over for dinner. My neighbor called to ask me to watch her 2 kids. And one neighborhood kid saw us all heading home and decided to join. So, there it was. 7 kids. 3 of them toddlers/baby.
And guess what? I not only survived, but it was fun.

I didn't have enough chairs and was worried about the 2 year olds falling off, so I expanded the kitchen table and lowered it to the ground. The kids sat on the ground. I boiled broccoli and carrots, put out sliced cheese and served curry. Easy breezy!!

The next time I do it, I'll use disposable plates and cups.

How to sponsor a visa

There are a lot of rules about sponsoring visas. It can be tough, but not impossible, if you have a good immigration lawyer who can walk you through the process.

Some agencies will charge and arm and a leg. I was quoted close to 300,000 yen for the paperwork to file for my perminant visa, from a large firm. I did some research online and found a guy who did it for 40,000 yen for me. He is trustworthy and very dedicated. I have used his services successfully for 3 visas and he is in the process of sponsoring an English teacher for my school now.

Here is his info:

Say, Janica Sims recommended you :-)

Authentic threading in Tokyo, FINALLY!

I am so happy to be able to post this. I found authentic threading in Tokyo. This lady is AMAZING. Shaz (from Pakistan) has 20 years experience in eyebrow shaping.

Really, my brows have never looked so good.

Her threading offers an instant "face-lift" look. There is no where else in Japan that offers this.

Threading takes 10-15 minutes. That is me (photo below) getting my brows done. Look at the shape!
 eyebrows are 3,000 yen.

Located in Shirokane, English speaking.

3 minutes from Shirokane Takanawa station. 3 blocks from the New Sanno Hotel and French Embassy.

Please note that the therapist is only working twice a week: Wednesdays (starting in March, 2014) and Saturdays (current) due to family commitments.  Advance reservation recommended, as she is popular (especially Saturday mornings). You can book online via the website to check availabilities or call the day of.

There's a 24 hour booking system online, in English, that is super-easy to check availabilities.

*Childcare in English on premises if you want to bring the kids.
*Ask about a discount if you book nails the same day. There are certain campaigns monthly that offer deals.
*She does a quick 45 min. facial as well after threading, if you book in advance.

The nail artists are DIVINE. Ask for Lena. You will not find a more talented nail artist than her.
The salon also offers IPL for permanent hair reduction for other parts of the face and body. They also offer eye-lash extensions and massage services.