Friday, August 24, 2012

Admitted to Aiiku Hospital for pre-term labor

Today, I was admitted to Aiiku hospital for risk of pre-term labor, at 34 weeks. I know that some places will just have you deliver if past 34 weeks, but I really want to wait until the baby is full term, if at all possible

Previously, I have given birth at Seibo and Sanno hospital and was a bit nervous to go to a new hospital.

The staff is excellent. Though I do speak Japanese, I asked the nurses how many on staff speak English and they said about 1/3. 

My doctor, Dr. Sakamoto has been on vacation, so I'm at the mercy of the attending doctor, but so far so good. 

If you are considering a hospital, I would highly recommend Aiiku. I will give you a full compare an contrast of the three "Dr. Sakamoto" hospitals at a later date.

For now, wish me luck!

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  1. Dear, Janica!
    Thank you so much for your blog. It`s very helpful and interesting.
    Hope your delivery was great at Aiiku hospital.
    I`m 9 weeks pregnant, 23years old, and also want to deliver at Aiiku. Three big hospitals in Tokyo have already regretted me. They said you are young and you have genki na akachan, so we are sorry but try to find other hospitals cause we save vacancies for high-risk clients.
    Me and my husband got really nervous. But today finally got the reservation for the first visit to a doctor. Now waiting for Thursday to meet him.

    Dear Janica, if you have any recommendations or some personal experience, feelings and opinion about your delivery and postpartum time in that hospital, could you share a bit your experience.

    Kind regards,