Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tips from a sumo on how to get fat, dinner with 31 sumos!!

We recently had dinner at the largest sumo dojo in Tokyo. 31 sumos!

We were served dinner by Junior sumos and the head sumos sat with us for dinner. The food wasn't as fatty as I thought. It was actually quite healthy: soups, marinated veggies and beef, rice. I guess it's the volume they get large on. They try to keep it healthy for good quality muscles.

It was really interesting hearing from the dojo 'Mama' about some of the things sumos struggle with.

Weight gain is apparently a huge (no pun intended) struggle. Some of the big guys just can't seem to get to the right weight.

They can get diabetes and other health problems in the way to sumo-hood.

I asked the dojo mama the best way to gain weight. She said, they don't eat breakfast before their morning keiko practice. This way, their bodies will really soak up the calories after practice and they'll be extra hungry to eat up a lot. Before bed, they eat again and go to sleep right after. That seems to help a lot.

Notes taken. I'll be sure NOT to do those things.

It is said that if a sumo holds your baby, bubs will grow up to be big and strong. If bubs cries, he will be full of life. Well, there must be something to it, because after the sumos held our youngest son (12 months), he took his first steps.

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