Saturday, June 28, 2014

Many hospitals in Japan won't let you stay with your child at night: Red Cross, Hiro Hospital.

My 21 month son was hospitalized at Hiro Hospital for pneumonia this past week.  I was thankful that he was diagnosed properly, because he was told that it was just a cough at the local clinic.

napping together
He was admitted to Hiro Hospital, which I find has decent care. The only problem I had, was that they would not let me stay the night with him (Red Cross Hospital has the same policy). I tried EVERY ANGLE to get an exception. I said that I am still nursing and he will not take a bottle (which is actually true). I even tried the language barrier excuse, saying that he won't understand the Japanese being spoken to him. Nothing worked. So, I was gently kicked out every night for 4 nights of his hospital stay. The best I could do was nap with him during the day and put him to sleep before I had to leave. But, that didn't mean much, when he woke up without me there at night. :-(

salmon, soup, bean paste, kiwi, tea, rice
In the mornings, the nurses said that he was not doing well "mentally". Well. Let's step back and take a big guess to WHY? In a hospital. Sick. No milk. And, waking up to nurses in a strange metal crib.
Hiro Hospital Pediatric Ward

Other than that hiccup, the health care procedure itself was pristine. The nurses were efficient, like clock-work. And the food they provided was very nutritient rich (although my son refused to eat it).

But, to me, if you want a child to heal, you must nourish the emotional, as well as the physical. Not allowing a parent to stay the night with a scared and sick baby, does not make any sense to me.

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