Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lice is going around Minatoku schools

So, I just got a letter from my daughter's school. Lice is going around and A LOT of kids have it.

So, I'm checking daily with care but it is hard to spot those nasty buggers.

Take note if your kid is itching their head. Lice spread at pools and when kids are playing and bump heads. Also, they can crawl around on coats being hung together.

Basically, you're chances of getting it are high, and it's impossible to avoid it completely if you have kids. I did research on how to prevent it.

I did research on preventative measures:
Tea tree oil mixed with water makes a good preventative spray. Also, coconut oil on the hair suffocates existing ones and will prevent lice because it makes hair slippery and hard to attach itself too.

The school letter says to cut your child's hair short, wash it daily and buy lice shampoo.

There are mite sprays at pharmacies too that you may want to just spray around your house, just in case. (See first photo)

And, a word to note, even if your kid has lice, in most public schools here, they say to still come to school! So... Ya wonder why it's going around???

(Translated here: going to school, pool, playing, excursions, are all ok if your child has lice. Just care for it carefully for 10 days).

I've ordered preventative spray from  iherb.com (which is free shipping this week).

Best to you all! 

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