Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thank you Amazon. Now, it's your turn Rakuten and Yahoo Shopping.

Amazon has removed a lot of the content from their site. Now, if you type in candy, the Candy Doll Collection featuring elementary aged Western models in provocative poses and clothing, does NOT come up.

Rakuten has removed some images from their site, but is still selling this and others. Amazon is still selling like content, that comes up with different key words but I imagine that it cannot all be removed in a day. I hope they will continue to make changes to reflect the standards of Amazon US.

I am really not the best spokesperson for this subject, as I am NOT an expert on Japanese law or on this subject. I am just a mother, concerned about the content that came up when I was searching for Halloween candy. Maybe another person or entity can take the baton from here.

Signing off for now, from Tokyo.

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  1. yeah, it's absolutely horrible that child pornography is created, and distributed, you will get no arguments and anyone that defends that position is an utterly disgusting human being. and then i turn on american TV and we see "toddlers and tiaras" and similar "beauty contests" for children, where the children are made to look like adults, and i wonder how people can call that legal. it's disgusting to think that we have reached a point where children dancing on stage in an adult manner, mimicing pole dancers and strippers, wearing booty shorts and bandau tops and people actually are allowed to put this on TV.
    i agree again that child pornography is immoral and disgusting, but we also need to petition for the removal of shows that are for public consumption that are clearly child abuse. mother's allowing their children to be put in a contest where they are judged for how they look... utterly reprehensible.