Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rainy day? My top 3 INDOOR play centers

Here are my 3 favorite indoor play centers and one outdoor "luxury" park

If you want to reward your kids for good behavior, then take them to Asobono. It is one of the biggest indoor play centers in Tokyo. It is located in the Tokyo Dome area, so there are plenty of things to do aside from going to Asobono, if you want to make it a full day trip. There is a food court directly across from Asobono, as well as an amusement park with a huge ferris wheel, just down the road. ASOBono is divided into five themed areas: “ocean”, “town”, “train station”, “forest”, and “babies-only area”.
There is a HUGE ball park, themed "ocean", where all of the balls are blue and there is a boat for the kids to play on, wall climbing, rope climbing and slides. There is also a big air trampoline, go-fish boat, magnet wall decoration area, board game room, doll dress up land, play house area, baby play area, town shopping area, and more...

Plan on lining up on the weekends and national holidays.
If you get there first thing in the morning, you can avoid a long line. Just after lunchtime seems to be the peak line up hour.

*I think it is around 800 yen/hour for kids and adults pay just for the first hour/not charged for subsequent hours.

Kid-o-kid キドキド
Kid-o-kid, Kawasaki, is the default place we go to on weekends. It is a place we take them when we want them to be able to run around freely, without going outside to a park. It has a big air trampoline, air trampoline race track, big air rollers, dress up corners, block building, big ball pool playground area, sand pit, baby area and more. It is a pay by the hour system. Since it is located in a department store building, there are plenty of places to eat and a huge parking area. There are several kid-o-kids, but we prefer the Kawasaki/Yokohama location. It is a 30 minute, easy drive and is the largest location. Since only my husband drives here, when I go with the kids, I will just take the train from Shinagawa. It's a 10-15 minute or so train ride, direct to Kawasaki station, followed by a quick 5 minute walk. It's not bad at all using the public transportation.
*Adults are 300 yen in total. Children are 600 yen/hour.

HOURS 10:30-7PM
Address  Kawasaki Lufon 9th Floor, 1-11 Nisshincho, Kawasaki shi, Kawasaki-ku
Parking: Yes

住所川崎市川崎区日進町1-11 川崎ルフロン9階
 Closest station: JR Kawasaki station, East Exit, Keikyu Kawasaki Station, About a 5 minute walk, ask for Lufon Department store. It's on the 9th floor.  Pretty straightforward directions.

Niko Niko Park
*This is an outdoor park
*100 yen entrance fee for kids 2 and up, 300 yen for adults

This is a gated park that has so many fun slides, a sand box, picnic area and more. You will pay a couple hundred yen to enter, but it is much better than a typical park, gated (feels safe). They also sell ice cream and have excellent picnic grounds. There are a variety of vending machines as well for snacks and drinks. It is a "luxury" park.

Park name: Meijingumae-en, Niko Niko Park
Address: 1-7-5 Kita Aoyama, Minatoku
Closest station: Aoyama Ichome (10 minute walk) or Shintomicho (5 min walk)
Train directions here:
Pay parking lot next to park.
施設名称 明治神宮外苑
住所 〒107-0061
TEL 03-3478-0550
FAX 03-3478-0550


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