Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Concept Nail Salon, CHILDCARE and play center provided while you relax!


Two nail artists will be at JoliArts this coming Saturday, April 26th,  from 11AM to 5PM.

I am trying out the concept of a nail salon that offers a nice play center, with babysitting, while moms get pampered.The official salon will open May 15th.

Since there will be two nail artists, you can bring a friend at the same time, if you would like and get a discount.

Here are the details:
Having a hard time getting things done, like your nails, with kiddies to care for?
After all of your hard work, you deserve to be beautiful!

With this in mind, JoliArts presents...

What: Beautiful nails, with childcare provided. ENGLISH SPEAKING NAIL ARTIST.
Where: JoliArts, fun play area with ball pool, books, toys, piano, etc., with experienced care giver
When: Thursday, December 20th 11AM-8PM and Thursday, December 27th, 11AM-8PM.
*By appointment
Other: Bring a friend if you would like, as there are two artists on staff
 If we get a good response from this, I will start this every week and eventually open up the top floor as a salon. So, please spread the word!

Classic manicure, 5000 yenHand care, nail polish

Gel nails, 6000 yen
gel nails or pedicure (simple glitter tops, french style, solid color)

Bring a friend and you both will get gel nails for 5000 yen each.

Option menu:
Childcare: FREE/Included
Extra decoration: 1000 yen per 10 minutes (add rhinestones, etc.)
Other salons will charge double for the same services, so please do spread the word!

For now, I am accepting reservation inquiries via email and phone. Please email a couple of times that are suitable for you and I will do my best to accommodate.
Email title: Nail appointment (date) (time/s)

School of Music and Arts
Shirogane, Minato-ku

Violin, Piano, Baby Music, English lessons, Kid's Dance, Shodo, Ladies Music and Education Club, Chinese, Traditional Chinese dance, Latin dance, Accordion... and more!


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  4. I haven't updated recently, but your comments have inspired me to do so more! I'm going to take the working mother of three small kids as my excuse :-) I am opening up a nail salon officially on May 15th 2013. It will include childcare.

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