Thursday, April 25, 2013

Childcare Nail Salon in Shirogane

As a busy mom, I feel guilty taking time to get things done, such as nails. But, the other day, I had my nails done at a local salon was a drama organizing childcare, kids screaming to come...I felt guilty!

I want to be a mom, but not LOOK like a mom... Where can I start? The answer: MY NAILS!

After my little one spits up on me and after changing so many dirty nappies, I want to look to my gel nails and feel good about myself.

This is why I am opening a new concept nail and eyelash salon in Shirogane. JoliArts Mama Nail Salon. It will officially open in June offering a variety of nail and pedicure services. I'll be offering major discounts and even be giving free manicures and pedicures to bloggers and moms who can get the word out.

Location: Shirogane (Shirogane Takanawa station, exit 4, 3 minute walk)
Reservations recommended.
Open everyday, except Sunday and Monday.
(Tuesday through Saturday) 11AM-8PM.
Bring your kids. Bring your dog.
There is a spacious, gated child play area and a little space for small dogs at the front.
Bring a friend and you both get a discount.

For more details,visit:

If you are a blogger or feel you can spread the word, please send me an email and apply for a free manicure between May 15th-20th. After that, I can offer special services, such as free nail art and other things to customers who will blog about this and tell friends.

The air is vented, so no m.anicure fumes/smell. High ceilings, 1st floor of a busy shopping street. It's a fun, happening area of Shirogane. You can do some grocery shopping on your way home, or stop by one of the 4 parks located within 2 minutes of the salon

We'll even offer pedicures for kids! Have a manicure date with mommy!

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