Sunday, November 30, 2014

Where Lady Gaga shops in Tokyo

There's only a small sign, that leads to a staircase. You'd never know it's a retail shop. I thought it was some kind if club or bar until some locals mentioned that Lady Gaga shops here and it's worth a look. 小さな看板しかなのですが

I visited DOG, where Lady Gaga shops in Harajuku.

I met Kosuke and Kei

It's worth a trip. I love the artistic expression and fashion in Harajuku.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Receiving support and harassment

As a concerned parent living in Japan, I was very shocked when I first found out what was being sold on these sites. That's why I felt the need to speak out.

I understand that Japan and the States have very different cultures and laws. However, with Amazon and Yahoo Shopping both being U.S. companies, I guess I just assumed they would uphold the same standards as the parent company. That's not my call. It's just an opinion, which I have my right to.

In the past 48 hours, I have been shocked and amazed at all of the support, but also with the amount of persecution and harassment I have received.

I hope that I have brought this to the attention of someone, or some organization that has the ability to act.

That's all.

Thank you Amazon. Now, it's your turn Rakuten and Yahoo Shopping.

Amazon has removed a lot of the content from their site. Now, if you type in candy, the Candy Doll Collection featuring elementary aged Western models in provocative poses and clothing, does NOT come up.

Rakuten has removed some images from their site, but is still selling this and others. Amazon is still selling like content, that comes up with different key words but I imagine that it cannot all be removed in a day. I hope they will continue to make changes to reflect the standards of Amazon US.

I am really not the best spokesperson for this subject, as I am NOT an expert on Japanese law or on this subject. I am just a mother, concerned about the content that came up when I was searching for Halloween candy. Maybe another person or entity can take the baton from here.

Signing off for now, from Tokyo.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

アマゾンは一部の児童ポルノ(candy doll collection写真集)を削除しました

アマゾンは一部の児童ポルノ(candy doll collection写真集)を削除しました。









Monday, October 13, 2014

petition to help stop child pornography from being sold

Petition link:

In light of the recent kidnapping of a 6 year girl in Kobe by a child predator -- her mutilated body only just found – it seems particularly important to take action now.  These types of DVDs and books being sold -- aids in the perversions of child predators.

Petition link:

Some sidenotes: 
To clarify: I am not an expert on this subject. I am just an mother who has filed a complaint to Amazon, Japan because I expect higher standards from a publically listed US company.

Amazon Japan not responding to complaints about child exploitation DVDs being sold

This Halloween season, if you live in Japan, you better not type in the word "candy" on Amazon Japan's website. Because on the top 10 most popular hits, you're going to be FLOORED at what comes up: photo books and DVDs of underage Western girl models---most of them under the age of 10 years old---posing in sexy underwear in provocative positions.

That's what happened to me when I sat down at my computer last week, to order Halloween candy, with my 6 year old daughter next to me. If you click it (as I did to get info to report the seller), a whole lot more, with 5 star ratings, come up. It's just disgusting.

I filed a complaint with an Amazon customer representative  October 6th 12:25PM on an online chat session.

As of today, it has not been removed and it has been a week.