Saturday, May 25, 2013

Firefighters Regional Championships, MUST see for kids in Tokyo

Today was my son's dream come TRUE!
Firefighter Regional Championships at Shiba Park. There must have been over a hundred firefighters performing drills, running with hoses and doing all sorts of super hero type poses.

It was an official tournament Witt judges, flags, announcements, etc.

Shibakoen park was filled with all types of fire engines. And the best part of this all is that it is in a grassy park. So, the kids can run around and catch bugs too. I brought out a picnic sheet and lunch and enjoyed the view of Tokyo Tower while my kids were in heaven!

And, the best thing is, there is a State Championship, same place! It's free to the public.

Bring your family out on Sunday, June 16th to Shibakoen, grassy area on Hibiya Dori. The championships will be going on from morning until late afternoon.

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