Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

What a wonderful treat to wake up to my three wonderful children and a Mother's Day table setting.

Today is a day to celebrate MOMS! It's a beautiful day.

Thank you to my family. Thank you to my husband who is such a great father and husband.

And today, I am thinking a lot about my mom who continues to set the perfect example of what a mother should be like. I have a lot to live up to.

My Mom raised five kids, all very close in age. She ran her own bakery business from our basement so she could help support the family, while still working from home. She woke up very early and went to bed very late.

She ran her own business, kept our house spotless, managed to drive us around to our many activities: soccer, dance, piano, hockey, track, tennis, cross country, rock climbing... With five kids, three of the boys, there was a lot to be done.

Then and now, she continues to remain cheerful and optimistic. I have never heard her say a negative comment about anything or anyone.

If a neighbor was grumpy or unfriendly, instead of complaining, she would wonder if they had a bad day and bring them cookies.

She made best friends with an old man in our neighborhood, living alone and lonely, Mr. Gronwald, who grew apples. She's find the person who needed that extra cheering up and make it her priority to visit.

How she was able to care for our neighborhood, work, city council, PTA and a big family, is beyond my comprehension. She even made our clothes!

I guess I just need to sum it up as she is from another planet.

Even though she woke up at 4AM every morning, she would not hesitate to stay up past midnight helping me make posters to run for Student Body office. She never saw anything as tiring if it was for family.

Her mottos are:
'Family first' and 'no one can ruin your day unless you let them.'

I look up to her as my best friend, someone to confide in, someone I want to be.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

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